Programme Activities

  • Advocacy, lobbying, campaigning and networking in the LDCs and development partner countries with active engagement during strategic international events such as the World Social Forum (WSF); Common Wealth People’s Forum (CPF); United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD); UN Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC); G8 Summit and other international and regional processes.
  • Critical engagement and meetings with representatives of the UN, LDC governments, development partner governments and agencies, relevant multi-lateral institutions, political parties including parliamentarians, media and civil society on LDC-related issues and concerns.
  • Organisation of awareness-raising and capacity-building activities for CSOs, and multi-stakeholder consultations in the LDCs aiming to assess the implementation of the IPoA and other IADGs in national development contexts and processes.
  • Organisation of regional and global multi-stakeholder consultations aiming to develop enhanced LDC-oriented global development processes, specifically the BPoA, by promoting a pro-poor development agenda in favour of the vulnerable and marginalised in the LDCs.
  • Organisation of parliamentary hearings on the issues and concerns of the LDCs both with national governments as well as development partner governments.
  • Research on pro-poor agenda with regard to the key issues of debt; trade; food sovereignty; livelihoods; governance; aid and gender justice towards the realisation of poverty reduction, human rights and sustainable development in the LDCs.
  • Production of reports on the implementation of the BPoA providing a critical civil society perspective with an alternative view to the official processes that often overlook and undermine the dynamics at the grassroots.


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